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Fanart!! 8DD!!!


twosen has drawn me a very lovely whumped Hitsugaya pic (which you can find here: "Incomplete" by twosen @ DA), which has totally given me an idea for an upcoming Insurgence Arc one-shot. 8D


Thank you sooooo much, twosen!! ♥!! (I can't thank you enough, srsly!)

Resilience // Part X (1)

Title: Resilience
Rating: PG-13, borderline R
Genre: Hurt/comfort, action, psychological, divergence
Characters: Hitsugaya-centric, with plenty of Matsumoto and Renji and others. Pairings are up to interpretation.
Warnings: (for the story as a whole) lots o' foul language, mild violence, blood 'n' h/c, weird-brain-hurty, SPOILERS, craptasticness
Timeline: Divergent after the 2nd encounter with the Arrancar (manga-verse)
Beta: None. Not a smidge of editing, and I friggen' don't care.
Notes: This is indeed Resilience's final chapter, though more stories in this arc are definitely possible. Once I get to that point. 8D;

I did actually do research on the cha-no-yu (Japanese tea ceremony) for that particular scene in this chapter, although I took several liberties with the chabana (flower arrangement at the tea ceremony) due to some issues with finding information. If you do know better and catch mistakes, please do let me know! This was also not beta read, so there are likely mistakes floating around - feel free to point them out!

And last note - this arc is now going to be called the "Insurgence Arc," once it has more than just two stories. Just in case anyone was wondering?

Prequel: Endurance | ffnet link
Previous Chapters: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX

X part 1Collapse )

Resilience // part IX, section one

Yes, it's been too long a while. Yes, I suck. Yes, this chapter is fraggin' long. D: So. Um. A few things:

1. This is horribly rushed. I didn't realize how fraggin' late it was. D:
2. Um... there might be a part XI. Or not. Part X is looking to be just as long as this one. D:


Rating: Still PG-13. Still no real pairings. Still has Hitsu-whumpage (poor boy).
Warnings: Lots of f-bombs, mild violence, possibly squirmy medical situation, craptasticness 8D
Questions? Feel free to ask. I'm too tired to add other notes.

Prequel: Endurance (Part I)
Previous Chapters: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII

/ Fanart?! For Meeeee? :DDD

Well, yes, I know it's only one piece, and that like, only really awesome authors get bazillions of fanartses. But I am so friggen' excited that someone thought enough of Resilience to fanart the last bitty bit of part VIII (the cliffhanger) that I had to share. x333

"Resilience" by Namimakura (on FFnet, a.k.a. wastedsouls on deviantART). :333

If you ever read this, Namimakura, you're still my hero!! :D :D :D

And yes, I got this a few days ago, but then I forgot to post it here. 8D

/ Resilience part IX [ preview ]

And here is about half of what I have written so far for the next part of Resilience, in case anyone is interested? 8D?? I'm going to try keeping these previews and chapter-postings to the actual community from now on, so if you haven't joined up already, you're more than welcome to if you'd like to keep up on the updates! x3 (I probably will continue to put update notifications up on my writing journal anyway, though. At least for now.)

// Endurance [ IA 1 ]

Since this story is completely uploaded to my writing journal - and I'm waaaay too lazy to move it all over here - I'm going to put all the information and links to my writing journal here.

Summary: In which Hitsugaya Toushirou learns that the mind is indeed a powerful weapon.
Hitsugaya, Hyourinmaru, Matsumoto, Renji, and some Urahara, Unohana, Orihime, Ikkaku, Ichigo, Yumichika, Rukia, etc.
As this is more of a gen fic than anything, there aren't any real pairings. But! There are some implied little hints at some kind of relationship - HitsuHina, HitsuMatsu, RenRan are only a few of these.
Genre: Action / Psychological / Hurt-comfort-whumpage / Drama, barely hedging on divergent, mostly Gen.
Status: Complete - 5 parts.
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite created and owns all things Bleach.

Author's Babbles:
This was originally intended to be a one-shot gift fic for taegan_kel, who requested a Hitsu-whumping fic when I offered to write her something. Well, obviously, it didn't really happen that way. But! This is still Kel's gift-fic, and it's spawned a monster of a plot for a broader arc of stories. So totally wrote this in one month without editing it, while I was studying abroad in Japan. During that time frame, I also got to see Paku Romi perform Hitsugaya's lines (and several other Bleach seiyuu cast members) live on a stage in Osaka, and it only fueled my obsession, I think. xD

But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this story if you happen to stop by here!

livejournal :: [ part I ] // [ part II ] // [ part III ] // [ part IV ] // [ part V ]
[ fanfiction(dot)net ] || [ mediaminer ]

Introductory Post

I'm impressed if you've made it this far! Haha.

As stated in the profile, this community is for any future installments of what is now being called the "Nice Arc," which currently includes Endurance and Resilience, and will be followed by several more fanfictions along the same premise. (Hey, I'm building up a huge storyline; it's not letting me cram it all into one story!)

Anyone is free to watch or even join the community, but all posts are moderated. Comments are always awesome as well! Most of the posts here will be actual story updates, though I might toss up snippets, historical/cultural psychobabble, reader responses, and NA-related ramblings up here in addition to the stories themselves. I have had some mentions of fanart from FFnet reviewers, so if those ever materialize, those will likely end up here as well. :3 (HEE, FANART! *diesofhappy*)

At any rate, welcome! Feel free to poke around and see what's here - not much yet, I know - and I hope you enjoy your stay~!

~Rinja (aka Baka/BakaBokken/that idiot)